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“Swift is a highly gifted loving intuitive healer.  What I appreciate most about working with Swift is her intuitive channeling of love and light.  I appreciate being held in safe and loving space, and I love when energy shifts, blockages are cleared and awarenesses are woken.   She is trained in many techniques that she has integrated into her being. This allows her to customize her sessions and help her clients realign.  Swift has been a cornerstone of my healing tribe. You won’t regret it. This work is perfect for anyone! Who doesn’t need more love in their life, especially divine love?  It is hard to explain the work. It is better to just give it a try and see if you feel lighter and more grounded and connected to love. Nothing but love and appreciation for Swift!”

Sarah R.

“I appreciate your insight and awarenesses! I also appreciate the lightness and the joy that comes when we do healing work together, and your sense of possibility and hope. I was surprised at the depth of our work even on the phone!  I would say the work is energy-based with some neurological attention as well, that it helps to move stuck places that have never been possible to move before, and that it is wide ranging and can address issues on the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic and genetic planes.  Swift is very skilled, and a lot of fun to work with. Makes the healing process easy and delightful even when we’re dealing with hard things.  I think everyone can benefit from this work! From people who are suffering with chronic pain to people who have situational issues that they need to address on a short term basis”

Lauren Ardman

“Swift brings enthusiasm and compassion to her sessions.  I found the infinity work surprisingly unlike any other modality.  It was fascinating to experience Swift taking cues from the body to identify root issues multidimensionally through tissues and timeline.  I appreciate how she dives deep with her clients and offers a unique process for garnering insight into health issues and life paths.  As an energetic and positively focused person, Swift brings an infectious hopefulness to her sessions.”

Kimberly, Massage therapist

“Swift is compassionate and perceptive. Her listening is as powerful as any person I know and, she is willing to share truth, to help me see things I had been unable to see.  The work we do together is a journey of learning and discovery, in which I am mentored by Swift and encouraged to lead the way, with her at my side.  She broke through my wall of beliefs, opening me to literally see my world in a new way.  Such a gift, to work with someone with deep compassion, intuitive listening, and artful perceptions.  Swift River’s work is for someone open to learning, who wants guidance and welcomes challenging questions offered with deep compassion.”- 

Benyamin Lichtenstein, Professor of Leadership

“Yes— I loved the sessions I have had with you. You hold such a generous, attentive, compassionate field that made me feel completely trusting and free to explore, release, emote, and upgrade my system!  I so appreciate that you offered me  “homework” — ideas for moving energy and ritual space in my daily life so that I could continue to energize and inhabit the session long after our time together ended.  You have a masterful healing presence and such a generous toolbox of skills with which you invite the most intimate and extraordinarily cosmic energies to experience healing in body, mind, spirit and energy. Thank you!”

Sara Levine

“If you want to work on the root of your material by entering spiritual reality, see Swift.  She went right into the core of an old wound to help me see things in a new light” 

Bill Pfeiffer, Shamanic guide, author and spiritual coach

“Swift is thoughtful. I mean this in both senses of the word. She is kind and empathetic giving and she brings this quality to her practice as one who is a compassionate and active listener and one who fully engages with her clients. I also mean to say that she is incredibly knowledgeable in her work; she continuously studies and trains to earn a greater skills base. She puts great thought into her work with clients as individuals. I highly recommend sessions with Swift. Love you lots and lots.” 

Sharon Abraham

“Swift offers a strong, present healing experience.  She was able to help me find my ground in a matter of minutes and go deeper in my healing process.”

Nina F.

"Swift is one of the BEST listeners I have met. She is patient and calm and helps me see more perspectives than just my own. She brings an upbeat, positive and professional energy to her work and is a gift to work with."

Louise Hodson, mother of two and teacher

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As an Infinity Healing Practitioner I work with clients that may be facing mental health needs, trauma or physical aliments.  I am not a licensed health care professional and my services do not in any way replace the care from health care professionals. My services do not in any way relate to medical and/or psychological clinical treatment and I do not diagnose or treat any diseases or disorders. All information provided on this site is based on my own experience and any of your own explorations with energy work should first be discussed with your licensed healthcare practitioner.

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