Use this video gift to get you moving in the direction you choose, not the one that has been keeping you stuck.


I work alongside you to bring you to greater JOY, BLISS and EASE in your life. 

What would it take to LIVE AWAKE and feel that you had an accessible toolbox to make decisions easily, destress and stay engaged in your daily life?

I do this by offering individualized support centered around gifting you tools:

  • Build your own inner guidance systems.

  • Release stuck emotions and worry.

  • Sort and filter your life and the drama that we are required to interface with as being human.

  •  Identify what no longer serves your system and get distance from it. 

This guidance is without hierarchy systems between healer and client which supports your autonomy in your healing journey.

Customers report feeling lighter, happier, more engaged in their lives and grateful to have the ongoing support of self- led tools and direct communication.    

"Swift is one of the BEST listeners I have met. She is patient and calm and helps me see more perspectives than just my own. She brings an upbeat, positive and professional energy to her work and is a gift to work with."

-Louise Hodson, Mother of two, Teacher

Become your own Agent of change!

Swift River Everdy

I entered the world of alternative healing arts through my own journey into the unknown.  I chose a new path after dropping my traditional life choices and moved towards a way of living that truly supported my own growth and healing. 

The very first time I connected with Gabrielli LaChiara, the midwife and creator of Infinity Healing, she stopped me suddenly and asked me,


I didn't. I didn't know that I was an infinite being with an infinite capacity to heal, know and have true connection to my divine consciousness. 

I immediately began to weep and mourn all that I wasn't choosing; my potential to really take charge of my life, my body and the reason I was BORN! Not that I knew any of this at the time, I was busy being a sobbing puddle in the middle of an ecstatic dance floor. 

A year earlier, I had "woken up," or at least I called it that.  In fact, I just got furious with myself for being passive in my life and had barely opened my eyes yet.  I had ended my long-term relationship and started dancing more.  I spent more time outside too, but I also was drinking heavily and making many unhealthy decisions.


I was in pain and was suffering and I didn't even know it!  I was blind to what was going on.


Meeting Gabrielli hit me over the head with the potential that I was Unbelievable.  The realm of possibility of what could happen if I really CHOSE ME was truly infinite.  If I really chose the changes that I was opening to; the scope of that, I couldn't begin to understand yet. 

Through ongoing self-work with Gabrielli I realized I needed to Live Awake and start making changes...for real this time.  I quit my social work job within 4 months, started traveling and really dove into who I could be if I lived from conscious choice and wasn't in pain and crippled by my habits.

I let my divine knowing and new awarenesses guide me.  I was gifted a tool box to support that.  I followed my intuition and learned that, not only could I support my own healing, I was ready to learn how to support others on their own journeys.


I trained with Gabrielli extensively, certifying as an Infinity Healing Practitioner, and now I'm here ready to offer you a gateway into your own potential, a tool box to tap into your divine knowing and myself, as a guide through it all.

"Working with Swift has brought me more relief than I thought was possible. I find her to be extremely competent and deeply intuitive as she helps guide me to greater joy and healing."





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As an Infinity Healing Practitioner I work with clients that may be facing mental health needs, trauma or physical aliments.  I am not a licensed health care professional and my services do not in any way replace the care from health care professionals. My services do not in any way relate to medical and/or psychological clinical treatment and I do not diagnose or treat any diseases or disorders. All information provided on this site is based on my own experience and any of your own explorations with energy work should first be discussed with your licensed healthcare practitioner.

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